Sell Berlin Real Estate - Timing is Everything?

Everything has a season – including listing your home for sale in Berlin. Selling Berlin real estate at the right time of year might mean selling at a higher price. The real estate market fluctuates every year regardless of the state of the economy or the current condition of the CT real estate market.

Nomally, spring is the hottest season for real estate. While little about the last few years in real estate has been normal, 60% of all moves in America have historically taken place in the summer. Sellers listing Berlin homes for sale in July, August, and late November through early February may not get the highest price for their house.

Data suggests that the impact of timing could be as much as plus or minus 2%. That adds up to a 4% total difference, which on a $250,000 home could mean as much as $10,000.

In addition to the selling price, the time of year that you sell real estate in Berlin can have an effect on how quickly your home will sell. Real estate markets run in cycles and having flexibility as to when you sell your home offers advantages.

The top 5 reasons people list their homes for sale in Berlin include:

  1. Outgrowing the home due to family size
  2. Desire to upgrade to luxury real estate
  3. Acknowledging a mistake when they bought their current home
  4. Job transfers requiring relocation in CT 
  5. Changes in personal relationships like  marriage or divorce

Spring Real Estate Season

While relocating for work or changes in personal relationships may dictate the timing of when some people sell homes in Berlin, Plainville, New Britain, Meriden, Middletown, Cromwell, Rocky Hill, Newington and Southington, real estate listings in CT are most active as spring arrives and goes into early summer.

The higher level of activity at this time of year makes the market more competitive since many Berlin home buyers want to find their new home before others buy the home they want most. Since competition drives prices up, spring and early summer is typically the best time of year to list real estate for sale in Berlin, New Britain, Meriden, Middletown, Cromwell, Rocky Hill, Newington and Southington CT real estate markets.

Summer Real Estate Activity

As we roll into the heat of summer in Berlin, school is out and people are planning for vacation. The flurry of real estate buying and selling in spring begins to slow in summer as many have completed their moves. With fewer people and less interest in buying and selling prices of homes for sale in CT begin a slight decline to remain competitive.

Buyers Resurface in Fall

As fall approaches in CT buyers and sellers of real estate in Berlin are back from vacation and once again thinking about a new home. While not reaching the peak of activity we experience in the spring, home buyers that haven't found what they were looking for by now begin to rush to move before school is back in session.

It’s late summer and early fall that homes might sell quickly, but summer sales may not be for top dollar.

You don't want to force the kids to change schools during the school year and most want to be settled in their new home before the holidays arrive.

Real Estate Hibernation

Few people in Berlin think about homes for sale as Thanksgiving approaches. Planning time with family and avoiding the stress of moving limits most real estate activity during the holiday season to only those that simply must move. Homes tend to look their best outside of the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

The cold weather makes visiting open houses less enjoyable and it's more difficult to make a decision when the property is covered in snow and all the leaves have fallen off the trees and shrubs. If you do need to sell, you can and you should play up holiday decorations and clear the walkways to try to prepare your CT home for sale to maximize curb appeal.

In the end however, only you can decide when the best time to sell your home is.

No matter what time of year you decide to sell real estate in CT, the Berlin realtors at Realty3 CT Berlin Carroll & Agostini see every home and every selling situation as a unique opportunity. There are circumstances that turn this whole seasonal thing upside down. 

If you are trading up to  more expensive luxury real estate in CT, selling your home when prices are falling can be a good idea at any time of year.

Get some hard facts and figures to help you make your decision. Let our real estate agents in Berlin conduct a Comparative Market Analysis for you now. Using the selling prices of comparable houses listed for sale, recently sold, or expired from the market will allow your agent to identify buying trends in for your type of home in Berlin. Together you can look at the data, talk about your choices and narrow your options until you've made a decision that's right for you.

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