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There is no cost to the renter when using a Realty3 CT Berlin Carroll & Agostini Berlin Realtor to rent a single family home, condo, apartment or commercial real estate for lease in CT. Our Realtors rent Southington, Cheshire, Meriden, Middletown, Cromwell, Rocky Hill, Newington, New Britain, Plainville and other CT real estate listings - and we do all the work for you! Tell our Berlin real estate agents what your rental preferences are and we’ll find the single-family home, condo, apartment or any other type of rental property for you for free.

The owner of the property pays the real estate agent to find a tenant for his rental property. There is no cost to the tenant whatsoever!

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Renting can be easy. You pay your rent, and someone else takes care of the property. In the past, apartments and condos were the primary rental options. But now single-family homes are becoming more available for realtors to rent. Many homeowners who can't sell their real estate have become landlords by converting what was a home for sale in CT to a realtor’s rental. And some investors have purchased CT foreclosures, refurbished the property, and then turned them into realtors rental properties.

Rent or Buy Real Estate

It's a complicated time for real estate in CT. On one hand, mortgage rates are at record lows while real estate prices have plummeted in many CT towns. On the other hand however, foreclosures in CT continue to rise and the economy remains weak. Renting a home can be better option than to buy real estate in CT for some people, depending on your financial situation, the make up of your family, how long you plan to stay in your home, the costs of repairs, and the direction of real estate values in CT.

Should I Buy or Continue Renting?

Your decision to buy or rent should be based in large part on whether buying real estate is more cost efficient for you than renting. Because no one else can determine what your true desires are, the question of whether you should rent or buy real estate for our purposes can be calculated with Realty3 CT Berlin Carroll & Agostini's

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Buying Real Estate is an Investment

Buying CT homes for sale can be more expensive than renting a home, but when you rent real estate you're paying someone else’s mortgage. When you buy Berlin real estate you get the benefit of a mortgage tax deduction and, you build equity in your home in the long run. However, to buy homes for sale in Berlin, Cromwell, Rocky Hill, Newington, Plainville, New Britain, Meriden, Southington, Cheshire Middletown and elsewhere in CT, you need good credit, a down payment and a steady income.

Renting and Your Credit History

As a renter, your financial commitment to realtors’ rentals is generally limited to only a security deposit, and the first and last month's rent. But keep in mind that a landlord may not approve you as a renter if you have bad credit. The CT Realtors at Realty3 CT Berlin Carroll & Agostini will check your credit report before you apply for a realtor’s rental to make sure there are no errors.

If you have a low credit rating, our Berlin real estate agents may also be able to help you to plan how to explain it.

If you have less-than-perfect credit, it also helps to show that you have a stable job, you’re willing to put down a deposit or will sign up for an online rental payment that comes directly out of your bank account every month.

Someone Else Does the Repairs

After moving in to your realtors rental home you're ongoing expenses are limited to only the monthly rent, which is the primary reason most people rent real estate rather than buy. And when you have a responsive landlord:

The solution to repairs, yard work, maintaining appliances and broken toilets is only a phone call away!

With Realtors rentals you live in the home with no out of pocket expenses. Renters in CT do have rights and those with landlords that do not respond to concerns about repairs to a rental property should refer to Landlord/Tenant Law in CT.

Renting Involves Rules

Renting does have some disadvantages. There are often many rules and Berlin rentals often come with limitations as to what the renter can do to personalize the rental property. Landlords often allow you to paint, hang pictures, keep up a with landscaping and perhaps even have a garden in a rental home, while others don't allow pets modifications.

Having pets is sometimes negotiable, but it's important to discuss these issues with your real estate agent and the rental property owner prior to moving in for a clear understanding of the landlord's flexibility. Renting real estate should be an enjoyable experience and your level of satisfaction is often very much dependent on your relationship with your landlord.

Realtors Rentals Keep You Flexible

When you rent, you can pick up and move at the end of your lease, but the process to sell real estate in CT can take some time. You lose a lot of flexibility when you buy real estate and this is one the biggest reasons why some people don’t buy homes for sale in Berlin. If you decide to look for a new job, owning real estate may restrict you to the geographic area around your home. When you rent you can end your lease early, perhaps with some penalty, rent a moving truck and go.

Home Prices Can Go Down Short-Term

Home or apartment rentals limit your exposure to home appreciation, or most recently, real estate depreciation, so a decision to buy a home for sale in Berlin should not be taken lightly. As home values in Berlin, in Connecticut and in other parts of the country have declined, interest in rent-to-own options has increased because rent-to-own offers the tenant an out. While rent-to-own properties are more difficult to find, real estate agents in CT are sometimes the first to know when one becomes available.

What is Rent-To-Own?

Rent-to-own homes and condos offer flexibility because under a rent-to-buy option you rent until the end of your lease. Then, if the real estate value declines you simply move or renew your lease. On the other hand, if home values rise as they traditionally have, some portion of your rental payments will count toward the down payment if you decide to buy the home.

Ultimately, deciding whether to buy or rent a home has much to do with your own financial situation, your interests, personality, and many other factors. Your Berlin CT real estate agent at Realty3 CT Berlin Carroll & Agostini can help to simplify what's best for you; to rent or buy real estate in Berlin.

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